Thieves Oil for Colds and Sore Throats

Thieves Oil for Colds and Sore Throats

Thieves oil for colds and sore throats

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As cold-season rages, you may be on the hunt for a natural, alternative treatment to the over-the-counter options that are available at your local drug store.  If you want to avoid grogginess, upset stomach, and other side effects that come along with these medications, consider using essential oils.  They can provide relief from and even help prevent the onset of colds.  Thieves oil, in particular, can help when you or a loved one is battling a cold and/or sore throat.

Understanding Thieves

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Thieves oil is a combination of essential oils:

  • Cinnamon oil,
  • Clove oil,
  • Eucalyptus oil,
  • Lemon oil, and
  • Rosemary oil.

Studies show that these oils individually have properties such as antimicrobial activity, anti-inflammatory activity, decongestant activity, immune-boosting effects, and pain-relieving effects that can help soothe sore throats and coughs.  When combined, these oils create the rich-, spicy-, and earthy-scented thieves oil we all know and love.  Thieves can serve many functions including being used in household cleaning products, to help with respiratory infections, and to abate colds and sore throats.

How to Use Thieves for Colds and Sore Throats

Colds and sore throats can have a number of causes.  Strep throat, for example, is caused by a bacterium, whereas the common cold is caused by a virus.  Sore throats are most often related to the flu or a cold but can also stem from allergies, smoking, prolonged talking, and acid reflux, among others.  You may know a cold is coming on if you experience a scratchy throat, often one of the first symptoms of a cold's onset.  A sore throat can cause difficulty with swallowing saliva as well as food and beverages and can prove to be very uncomfortable.  If you have a cold or flu-related sore throat, thieves oil can help relieve your symptoms and even be used as a preventative measure.  


Add 5 to 10 drops of thieves oil to your diffuser and run it throughout the day.  This will freshen the air in your space and strengthen your respiratory system when breathed in while giving your home that lovely thieves aroma.  

Steam Inhalation:

  If you don't have a diffuser, the oil can be added to a hot pot of water; just lean over the pot and (carefully) inhale the aromatic steam for cold and sore throat relief.  

Massage Oil

Combine one part of thieves oil to one part of a carrier oil (such as coconut oil) and massage the mixture into your chest and the back of your neck.  

Household Cleaner

Prevent infection in the first place by killing the germs before they can get into your system.  Mix a drop of oil per ounce of water, place into a spray bottle, and use as a disinfectant throughout your house, paying attention to germ-harboring areas such as door handles, sink faucets, and cell phones.  

Hand Soap

Add 2 to 3 tablespoons liquid Castile soap and 8 to 10 drops of thieves oil to a foaming soap dispenser.  Fill the rest of the container with water, screw on the pump lid, and keep those hands clean!

Making Your Own Thieves Blend

DIY thieves oil for colds and sore throats

You can buy thieves oil pre-mixed and packaged for yourself, but you can also make it yourself now that you know what thieves is!  Feel free to get creative with this - you can try replacing some oils per your own preference.  For example, you might prefer orange or lime oil instead of lemon.  A basic thieves blend will include 35 to 40 drops clove oil, 30 to 35 drops lemon oil, 20 to 25 drops cinnamon oil, 10 to 15 drops eucalyptus oil, and 10 or so drops of rosemary oil.  Like any oil, this mixture should be kept in a dark, glass container.

Precautions for Using Thieves

Be sure to dilute thieves oil before applying it to your skin; some of the oils in the mixture may cause adverse skin reactions if not diluted, such as the eucalyptus oil.  Similarly, thieves should not be taken by mouth as some of the oils can cause adverse reactions when ingested.  For example, rosemary oil can lead to vomiting, kidney irritation, and increased sun sensitivity among other potential reactions when ingested.   

Add Thieves to Your Medicine Cabinet

And add it to your cleaning supply closet!  Thieves oil can be used to prevent colds and sore throats when diffused in your home by helping to keep the air fresh.  It can also work as a preventative measure when used in cleaning products and hand soap to stop pathogenic microbes in their tracks.  And if you find that a cold or sore throat has already settled in, apply it topically or use it aromatically to relieve those pesky symptoms.  Thieves can be an effective way to avoid the unwanted side effects of over-the-counter medicines that are often used to treat colds and sore throats

Our Favorite Thieves Oil Blend

  • 100% Pure. theraputic grade
  • Aromatic Profile : Vibrant, spicy cinnamon aroma