Eucalyptus Oil for Cold & Cough

Eucalyptus Oil for Cold & Cough

Eucalyptus Oil for Cold & Cough

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As cold and flu season descends in all its force this winter, you are likely looking for ways to treat congestion, coughing, and other symptoms. Using natural ingredients to treat a cold or a cough is often preferable to over-the-counter or prescription medications, which can have side effects and interfere with your ability to think clearly or sleep soundly. If you are looking for a natural alternative to help you breathe easier this cold season, look no further than eucalyptus essential oil.

Does eucalyptus oil help colds?

The natural compounds in eucalyptus oil are used in many products designed to treat colds and coughing. Cineole, the compound in eucalyptus is responsible for improving your breathing, is known to reduce inflammation in your airway. In fact, you may recognize the scent of eucalyptus in a popular over-the-counter vapor rub, which is explicitly used for helping you to breathe more effectively.

Not only do the vapors and aromas of eucalyptus essential oil help you breathe easier and open your nasal passages and lung airways, but this natural compound is widely regarded for its antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Using this essential oil can help you combat the microbes known to cause the cold and coughs.

The final benefit of eucalyptus oil is that it thins your mucus, which can be very helpful for treating congestion when you have a cold or a cough. Relieving mucus buildup in your nasal passages and respiratory airways is essential for getting over your cough or cold.

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How do you use eucalyptus oil for cough and cold? 

There are many ways you can use the natural compounds in eucalyptus oil to treat your cough or cold. Below are some of the most popular and effective strategies.

  • Use eucalyptus oil with steam for inhalation. Place several drops in a large bowl or container of boiling water. Lean over the bowl, covering your head with a towel and placing your face about ten inches from the water. Breathe in through your nose, inhaling the steam for one to two minutes.
  • The compounds in eucalyptus oil have a natural cooling effect, which makes the wonderful when you are feeling feverish due to a cold or a cough. To use, combine five drops of eucalyptus oil with a carrier such as jojoba or almond oil. Rub this into sensitive areas, such as your neck or temples, to cool your body and feel relieved when feverish.
  • You can also cool your skin by creating eucalyptus compresses. Add two cups of water to ten drops of eucalyptus oil. After stirring together, soak several washcloths in this water. After wringing out, place the cloths on your extremities, neck, and chest to cool your body and relieve symptoms.
  • Make your own vapor rub by combining several drops of eucalyptus oil with your favorite carrier oil, such as coconut oil. You can apply this mixture to your chest, or you can use it in your bath or to create a steam sauna.
Diffusers are also a safe and effective way to get essential oils into the air of your home to help break up some of the mucus. Diffusers are fairly cheap and easy to use. Most diffusers work by mixing 5-10 drops (depending on the diffuser) of oil with water and adjusting the time settings for how long you would like for the diffuser to run.
It is perfectly safe to inhale eucalyptus oil when it is diluted with water.

Add Eucalyptus Oil to Your Cold and Cough Care Arsenal

Get over your cold or cough quickly by incorporating eucalyptus essential oil into your healthcare routine. Cool feverish skin, thin mucus, open airways and calm your cough with this simple, effective, and natural anti-microbial powerhouse.



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