Coconut Oil for Dry Nose

Coconut Oil For Dry Nose: Easy Relief With One Simple Ingredient

coconut oil for dry nose

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As winter continues to rage outside, and the cold and flu season seems to have no end in sight, protecting your delicate skin and treating dry nose remains a priority. Whether your nose is dry from seasonal allergies, the use of irritating heat sources to warm your home, eczema, or some other condition, you can get quick and easy relief with one simple ingredient. Coconut oil has been touted as a miracle for many health problems, but when it comes to treating dry, irritated skin, it is hard to find a treatment better than this natural plant-based source of moisture.

Understanding Coconut Oil

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The coconut is, in some ways, a truly remarkable fruit. The meat of the fruit is an excellent source of protein, and the liquid inside is a refreshing drink rich in electrolytes. In recent years, coconut oil has gained popularity because the fat within it is a rich source of healthy fats that are needed by the human body.

The fatty acids inside the coconut hold antioxidants and the oil itself is rich in antimicrobial compounds that make it an excellent option for healing wounds and treating various minor infections. Two of the primary fatty acids found in coconut oil, lauric and caprylic acids, are both high in antioxidants, which means they promote healing and immune system function. Because it absorbs quickly into the skin, it makes an excellent moisturizer, as well. As a natural anti-inflammatory, coconut oil can also soothe irritated skin and reduce redness.

Using Coconut Oil for Your Dry Nose

Coconut oil is a popular moisturizer for the skin. It quickly absorbs into skin tissue, improving the texture and appearance of rough, dry, chapped, or irritated skin. By fending off microbes from colds, flu, and other respiratory infections, coconut oil can help your rough and dry nose heal faster, too.

Coconut oil has even been used to heal eczema, a skin condition that is characterized by dry, flaky, itchy skin. By reducing inflammation and adding extra moisture to skin, it promotes faster healing and improves the overall appearance of your most sensitive skin. That makes it an excellent option for use on your nose.

Because coconut oil is antiseptic, you can even use it inside your dry nose to help keep the mucous membranes moisturized during harsh, dry winter months. Place just a dab of coconut oil on a cotton swab and then rub gently into the inside of your nasal passages to moisturize the skin there and protect it from invading pathogens.

If you are suffering from a winter cold and your nose is dry from excessive blowing or wiping, try dabbing a little bit of coconut oil on your tissue or handkerchief to soothe your skin. Because coconut oil is an excellent carrier oil, you can use it to dilute your favorite cold-fighting essential oils, as well.

When adding coconut oil to your skin, it creates a protective barrier that keeps moisture in and fights off microbes that could make you sick. By adding needed moisture, your dry nose will quickly feel better and remain healthier when you use coconut oil.

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