Clove Oil for Hair Growth

Clove Oil for Hair Growth: Improve Scalp Health

clove oil for hair growth

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Those who are experiencing hair loss or who have thinning hair are often desperate to find a solution that will help them regrow their hair. While there are many harsh chemical and pharmaceutical products designed to help with hair growth, these often have unwanted side effects that can cause adverse reactions. Plus, they are often expensive.

If you would like fuller, thicker hair, you should consider using a natural alternative like clove oil to help improve the thickness and strength of your hair.

Understanding Clove Oil

clove oil for hair loss

Clove oil comes from the buds of an evergreen tree known as Eugenia caryophyllata that traces its roots to many ancient civilizations. Cloves have been used as a spice in cuisines all around the world for millennia. And the oil extracted from these tiny buds is rich in essential nutrients and phytochemicals. Among the vitamins and minerals found in clove oil are iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamins A and C.

The oil composition of a single clove can be anywhere between 14 and 20 percent. Within this oil is an important compound called eugenol, which gives clove oil not only its strong, distinctive aroma but also many of its medicinal powers. Eugenol is a natural compound that fights microbes and reduces inflammation, which is what makes clove oil an effective natural treatment for several health problems.

Clove oil is widely used because of its ability to fight viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It also is known to improve blood circulation while reducing inflammation. In addition to promoting hair growth, cloves are often used in the treatment of skin and oral health problems.

Understanding Hair Loss

There are many several reasons that people may lose their hair or suffer from thinning hair. Of the most common, skin irritation, scalp infections, poor circulation to the hair follicles, and inflammation are leading contributors to thin hair or bald spots. Knowing the exact cause of your hair loss can help you to treat it most effectively.

Using natural products on your head and hair can help to ensure that your hair follicles do not become clogged, that your hair shaft remains healthy and strong, and that you are doing everything you can to maintain the health and strength of the hair you have. Natural products, like clove oil, can be used to treat the cause of hair loss and thinning hair, in many cases.

Clove Oil for Your Hair and Scalp

Clove oil has been used for generations to treat issues of the scalp and to slow or prevent hair loss. The compounds found in clove oil help improve hair growth in several ways. The first is to treat any type of infection of the scalp that could be contributing to hair loss. By ensuring the scalp is healthy and free of fungal, bacterial, or viral infections, hair is more likely to grow.

Second, clove oil can stimulate blood circulation to the scalp. When hair follicles receive improved blood supply, they operate more effectively and are more likely to grow healthy and strong hair. Finally, clove oil is excellent for reducing inflammation.

Sometimes, when inflammation affects hair follicles, it can cause them to stop growing hair altogether or to only produce thin, weak hair. Lowering inflammation can ensure that each follicle has the best chance for performing its essential functions.

Using clove oil in your hair to promote hair growth is easy. You can simply mix a few drops of clove oil with your regular hair care products. You can also massage a mixture of clove oil and either olive or coconut oil into your scalp regularly for a revitalizing scalp treatment that promotes hair growth.

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