Essential Oils for Ear Ringing

Essential Oils for Ear Ringing

essential oils for ear ringing

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Ringing in your ears, which is also known as tinnitus, can be a challenging condition to treat. And those who live with this constant problem need relief fast. One natural method that offers some degree of help to those with tinnitus is to use essential oils. These natural compounds can lessen the intensity of the ear ringing and help you function in your daily life.

How Essential Oils Relieve Ear Ringing

Essential oils contain the potent and pure compounds that are naturally found in plants. Extracted from the resin, bark, leaves, seeds, flowers, roots, and leaves of plants from all over the world, these oils have the medicinal and healing properties that people have been using for centuries to treat all sorts of medical problems.

Essential oils are excellent for treating tinnitus because they address some of the leading causes of this ear ringing. Ringing in the ears can happen because of poor circulation, congestion in your respiratory airways, stress, inflammation, and other factors, all of which can be improved using essential oils. Essential oils are also helpful in treating pain associated with tinnitus, helping with depression that some people with this chronic disorder may feel, and helping you improve your concentration, which can be affected by constant ear ringing.

Which Essential Oils are Best for Ear Ringing?

Each of the essential oils listed has specific properties and uses. You will need to select the oil or oils that best suits your symptoms and meets your needs. You may have to experiment to find the right blend and method of use for your tinnitus symptoms.

Helichrysum (Compare Brands)

This essential oil is widely regarded as an effective treatment for ringing in the ears. Helichrysum not only reduces inflammation, which is a leading contributor to ear ringing, but it also helps repair cells, tissue, and blood vessels that may be damaged, which could be causing your problems.

Lavender (Compare Brands)

Lavender essential oil is another popular choice for treating tinnitus. It relaxes your body and blood vessels, calming and sedating you. It can also relieve the stress caused by chronic ear ringing, and it helps soothe anxiety that you may be feeling, as well.

Basil (Compare Brands)

Basil essential oil works for many people with ear ringing because it reduces spasms and soothes muscle cells that can be pulsating or throbbing, leading to tinnitus symptoms. Basil is an excellent choice for those with chronic ringing.

Cypress (Compare Brands)

This essential oil stimulates blood circulation, which can often help to relieve ringing in the ears. Cypress is an excellent choice if you have pulsing tinnitus, a variation of this disease. Cypress calms the nervous system, too.

Other effective essential oils used to treat ringing in the ears include patchouli oil and bitter orange oils.

How to Use Essential Oils for Ear Ringing

Now that you know which oils are most effective for treating ringing in the ears, let’s look at the right application methods for these treatments. First, it’s important to know that you should never apply pure essential oils directly into your ear. These oils are potent and strong, and they can damage your mucous membranes and eardrum.

You should always dilute essential oils you plan to apply topically. You can dilute them with a carrier oil of your choice, and good options include coconut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil.

The best way to apply essential oils for treating ear ringing it to use them for massage. After diluting them, massage the essential oil or oils of your choice behind your ear, on your neck, on your ear lobe, or just outside the ear canal. Rubbing these oils into your skin three times per day can have a significant effect on your ear ringing symptoms.

essential oils for ear ringing