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Essential Oils for Muscle Knots and Spasms

essential oils for muscle spasms and knots

Essential Oils for Muscle Spasms and Knots (6 Must Try Oils) We all get sore muscles and painful tension knots in our necks and spines from time to time. You may even have muscle spasms or pain because of a chronic illness or condition, like arthritis, tendinitis, or fibromyalgia. Using natural remedies, like essential oils,…

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Essential Oils for Motion Sickness (Car & Cruise)

essential oils for motion sickness img

Essential Oils for Motion Sickness If you are unfortunate enough to be one of the millions of people who suffer from motion sickness, then the idea of your next vacation may not bring you much peace or joy. Motion sickness strikes when you are traveling in planes, cars, trains, boats, or virtually any other moving…

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Essential Oils for Gingivitis & Swollen Gums

essential oils for gingivitis and swollen gums

Essential Oils for Gingivitis and Swollen Gums Taking care of your teeth and gums is an integral part of supporting good health. Gingivitis can be treated using natural remedies, like essential oils, and these same oils can prevent the bacteria from returning that cause this disease. Using essential oils is a safe, low-cost way to…

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Ghee Buyers Guide- Compare Best Ghee Brands

best ghee brands

The Ultimate Ghee Buyers Guide- Best Ghee Brands Ghee is making the rounds in foody and health-food circles lately, and for good reason. Ghee is clarified butter, and when it is used in cooking or the preparation of food, it can have amazing benefits for your health. It can even be used on to improve…

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Rosehip Oil for Eczema: Naturally Stop Outbreaks

rosehip oil for eczema

Rosehip Oil for Eczema: Naturally Stop Outbreaks Over 30 million people in the US have eczema, making it one of the most common skin conditions you can get. Eczema has many names, but if you have had the itching, red, and inflamed skin common to nearly all forms, then you know how important it is…

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Jasmine Oil for Skin: Naturally Improve Your Skin

jasmine oil for skin

Jasmine Oil For Skin: 5 Ways to Naturally Improve Your Skin The alluring, intoxicating aroma of jasmine is widely known for its ability to improve your mood as well as positively affect your nervous system, but did you know this amazing essential oil is also great for your skin? If you are only using jasmine…

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Argan Oil for Eyebrows: Naturally Improve Growth

argan oil for eyebrows

Argan Oil For Eyebrows: Naturally Grow Fuller Eyebrows Whether you have thin eyebrows from overzealous plucking or just plain bad luck, it is possible to improve the fullness of your eyebrows. If you are tired of uneven, patchy eyebrows that never seem to look full, then it is time you learned some of the many…

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Apricot Oil for Hair- Naturally Promote Hair Growth

apricot oil for hair- promote growth naturally

Apricot Oil for Hair- Promote Hair Growth Naturally Do you have dry hair that tends to get frizzy and unmanageable? Is your dry scalp resulting in embarrassing white flakes on your shoulders? If you want to find a solution to your dry, damaged hair, then stop worrying and start using apricot oil! What is Apricot…

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Herbs for Menstrual Cramps- Natural Home Remedies

Herbs for Menstrual Cramps- Natural Home Remedies

Herbs for Menstrual Cramps- 8 Natural Home Remedies If you are one of the millions of women who suffer from menstrual cramps, then you may be excited to learn that you can treat your pain and other symptoms naturally, without medications. Herbs have been used for centuries to treat all types of disorders, and several…

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Essential Oils for Blisters- Treat Blisters Naturally

Essential Oils for Blisters

Essential Oils for Blisters- Treat Blisters Naturally Blisters can be caused by many different things, including burns, insect bites, and ill-fitting footwear. Whatever the cause, blisters are bothersome and painful, and getting rid of them helps your skin heal faster and you feel better. Treating your blisters naturally and safely is easy when you know…

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