Reiki for Babies & Infants

reiki for babies and toddlers

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Reiki is a wonderful tool for those that have infants in their lives. If you are not already attuned to Reiki energy, you may find doing so to be a tremendous help! Babies are incredibly receptive to energy, and Reiki works very well to calm and soothe them. There are many ways to utilize Reiki energy when it comes to caring for little ones. If you’re familiar with Reiki you’ll likely be aware of some of the techniques mentioned, but you may find something new to add to your personal practice.

Easing Colic

Adjusting to life outside of the womb can be an overwhelming process for infants. During the early stages of life, there is a lot of stimuli to get used to, which all too often leads to stressed out babies. Reiki is a great way to reduce this stress for your little one, and because infants are so susceptible to the energy they show noticeable improvement much more quickly than adults. Utilizing Reiki throughout the day as you hold your baby is a great way to give them a steady stream of extra comfort and support. Once you begin to utilize Reiki on a continuous basis you’ll begin to notice that your baby seems much more content.

Reducing Discomfort and Pain from Teething

It can be difficult to watch your baby suffer through the pain of teething. There are some things that can be done to ease the discomfort but they often aren’t enough to reduce the pain completely. Reiki energy allows the pain and discomfort to be soothed in a way that is safe and non-intrusive. If you notice that your baby is in pain while teething, try gently cupping your hands over both sides of their jaw and allowing Reiki to flow into the area. If your baby is feeling fidgety and not tolerating touch, you can also beam Reiki energy from your hands to their mouth. If you are attuned to level 2 Reiki, you can utilize the symbols by placing them over the painful area for continuous relief.

Increasing the Quality of Sleep

If you are attuned to the Reiki symbols one great way to improve the quality of sleep that your baby is getting is to place the Chu Ku Ray on the mattress of their crib. Utilizing this symbol with the intention of your baby getting a good night's sleep will give them a steady stream of comforting Reiki energy throughout the night and will assist your intention with manifesting.

If you are not familiar with the symbols you can still use Reiki to promote a good night's sleep. One other way to achieve this is to follow the steps below while allowing Reiki energy to flow from your hands.

  • Cradle their head in your hands
  • Move your hands so that they are covering the chest
  • Place one hand on the stomach and the other on the knees
  • Gently position their hands on the feet

You should aim to hold your hands in each position for about a minute, but there's no need to be overly precise. Use your intuition to gauge the appropriate time for each position. Following this sequence will clear away tension from the body and greatly reduce stress. You should give this a try about half an hour before bedtime.

Infusing the Contents of Their Bottle

If you are bottle feeding your baby you can “infuse” the contents of the bottle with Reiki energy. Doing so is incredibly simple, and it is an effective way to give your little one a burst of soothing energy. All that you need to do is hold the bottle between your two hands and visualize Reiki energy flowing into the bottle. This can be done right before feeding, or even ahead of time for added convenience!

These Applications for Reiki for Babies & Infants are Just the Beginning

Reiki energy is flexible and able to be utilized in so many different ways. The suggestions in this post are great starting points, but don’t be afraid to get creative! With practice and a bit of experimentation, you can fine-tune your Reiki routine to best suit the needs of your baby. You can adapt and change the techniques that you use as your baby grows and learns.

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