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reiki distance healing

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Distance Reiki allows people to send and receive Reiki at any time and at any location. Through the use of distance Reiki, we can also send healing to the past to heal old traumas, as well as into the future to help planned events go smoothly. The distance Reiki symbol allows a Reiki practitioner to transcend the confines of linear time and space, and there are many ways to work with the symbol.

Always get Permission

The distance symbol allows the Reiki practitioner to send Reiki to anyone at any location. With that information in mind, it may be tempting to take it upon yourself to send Reiki to friends and loved ones. This may seem like a harmless and even beneficial thing to do for the people that you care about, but you must always get permission. Reiki is an intimate experience, and connecting with a person's energy in order to channel Reiki to them without prior permission is ethically grey at best.

Using a Surrogate

If you would like to perform a distance Reiki session on someone far away the surrogate method is the simplest way to do so. The surrogate in the case of Reiki distance healing is an object that represents the individual receiving the healing.

Examples of a Surrogate:

  • A stuffed animal/teddy bear
  • A photo of the individual
  • Their name written on paper
  • A pillow

Stuffed animals are particularly useful if the person you are sending Reiki to is having an issue that is connected to a specific part of the body. This is because most stuffed animals have arms, legs, a torso, and a head. Once you have selected the object that you would like to use as a surrogate you should begin by doing the following:

  • Draw the power symbol on each of your hands
  • Draw the distance symbol over the power symbol
  • Draw the power symbol once more over the distance symbol

This is often referred to as a “reiki sandwich”. Once you have intoned the symbols over your palms you can begin the healing the same way you would with an in-person session. The only difference being that you are channeling the energy into what you have chosen to use as a surrogate rather than having the individual directly in front of you.

Transcending the Limitations of Linear Time

As mentioned in the introduction of this post the distance symbol can be used to send Reiki to a past event or even into the future. This is incredibly useful when it comes to healing old wounds, repairing relationships, and easing the effects of trauma. When sending Reiki into the future, it is useful for promoting feelings of peace during an event you are anticipating to be stressful.

Some examples of future events that may benefit from Reiki are as follows:

  • A job interview
  • A court hearing
  • A medical procedure
  • Relocating

However, it is important to note that Reiki energy is intelligent and always works to give us what is in our best interest, even if that is not necessarily in alignment with what we want for ourselves at the time. To begin the session you will want to clear away any stagnant energy from the area that you are working in. After creating sacred space for the session you should follow the steps mentioned in the previous section in regards to drawing the “reiki sandwich” on to your hands. Next, you should write down the situation that you wish to send Reiki to. This situation can be in the past or in the future. After writing it down you can then hold the paper between your palms and allow Reiki energy to flow into it, trusting and knowing that as Reiki is drawn into the words you have written it is actively traveling to the situation for healing.

Ending a Distance Session

When you are working with a specific individual you should let them know once the session has been completed. It is also a good idea to talk to them about what to expect following a session and to explain some of the common occurrences that people experience. Always end a session with gratitude and trust that Reiki will work in whatever way is best for the individual and situation.

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