Using Celery for Kidney Health

Using Celery for Kidney Health

celery for kidney

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Our kidneys play a huge role in eliminating toxins from our bodies and filtering our blood. When the kidneys are in trouble, our whole body could be in serious trouble. If your kidneys are in trouble, one way you will be able to tell is through low energy levels as well as in your skin. There are ways to cleanse and help the kidneys stay healthy or reverse damage, if early enough. While a visit to your doctor should occur the minute you are experiencing kidney issues, you may not have to frequent the doctor as often once you begin ingesting more celery juice. That’s right, celery in liquid form.

The leaves of celery are packed with Vitamin A. Celery stems are packed with Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C as well as potassium, folate, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and a high content of amino acid. While all of these amazing nutrients can be consumed in solid celery form, the best way to receive these nutrients is in celery juice form. The juicing of celery is extremely beneficial it is. Juicing celery is good for the kidneys because the juice is an organ cleanser and filters out toxins, dirt and substances that are not being used.

Celery leaves are also known to be an extremely preventative of the common cold, allergies, high blood pressure and even dry eyes. It’s incredible that one vegetable such as celery has so many amazing benefits from the leaves to the root to the actual vegetable itself.

A diuretic, celery root is packed with potassium and increases blood plasma being passed through the kidneys. This increase in blood plasma speeds up the functions of the kidneys in order to lower the waste product present in the blood. To receive these amazing benefits from celery root, you can juice it or make soup from it.

How to juice celery leaves:

To receive the amazing benefits from celery leaves for your kidneys you will need to juice the leaves. Take a generous handful of celery leaves and wash them thoroughly. Once washed cut the leaves into small pieces and add to boiling water for 10 minutes. After the leaves have boiled, strain the leaves of their water and place in a clean bottle then refrigerate. Drink one cup of the juice of strained juice from the celery leaves a day, this juice removes toxins and dirt from your body that collect in your urine. The leaves of celery are the absolute best cleanser for the body and kidneys because it removes toxins, dirt and other unwanted substances from your body. The health of your kidneys can be maintained properly through the juice of celery leaves.

You can juice for the week or juice every day, that is completely up to you and your schedule. Your kidneys will thank you and you will never want to go back to how you were living before when it comes to maintaining the health of your kidneys.