Reiki for Kids

Reiki for Kids

reiki for kids

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Many people have found that children benefit tremendously from the calming, centering, soothing energy that Reiki can instill within. Implementing Reiki as a part of your child’s life can help them to remain balanced, and may help to prevent energetic blockages from forming that could otherwise cause issues in the teenage and adult years. Children are more susceptible to energy than most adults and therefore tend to be more receptive to Reiki. This is because kids have not formed emotional blockages to the extent that most adults have, and because of this, children require much less time for a session that adults do.

When to use Reiki

  • When your child is acting fussy

  • To ease tantrums

  • To reduce the discomfort from illness

  • To ease fears

  • To promote general health and well-being

Addressing Emotional Discomfort in Children

If your child is struggling with emotional outbursts, overwhelming fears, nightmares, or another form from emotional upset Reiki can be incredibly helpful. If your child is struggling with any of these issues it is likely that they have become energetically unbalanced. When Reiki is given to children on a routine basis it can dramatically reduce the occurrence of an energetic upset in your child. However, it can also be used to “spot treat” emotional issues as they arise. If your child is too rambunctious to give a hands-on treatment, like is often the case with tantrums, you can utilize distance Reiki to give the child a treatment across the room without touch.

Healing from Illness

Reiki works wonders for reducing and clearing away the symptoms of illness. One great way to use Reiki for this kind of internal healing with children is to infuse their food with a burst of Reiki energy. This method is simple and effective. It allows for your child’s immune system to get a boost and will help to clear away infections and discomfort. To use this method all that you need to do is hold the dish of food in your hand with the intention of channeling Reiki energy through your hands and into the food. This method can also be used to charge drinks by using the same method.

Creating a Comfortable Home

Kids are super sensitive to the energy around them. One way that you can support them with Reiki is to use it to clear any stagnant energy out of the home. Regularly clearing out the energy in your home can work to promote emotional harmony for the whole family. Reducing energetic build up and keeping the energy flowing harmoniously can drastically reduce the negative effects of stagnant energy for all members of the family. Regularly doing this is sure to make the home comfortable for your children to be in.

Teaching Children Reiki

If you find that your child is responding well to your treatments you may want to have them attuned to Reiki so that they can also use it on themselves. Children are inherently curious, and they often enjoy learning about things that instill a feeling of independence. Teaching your child about Reiki and having them attuned is a great way to leave them feeling empowered and to provide them with a healthy coping mechanism for dealing with stress that they can carry with them into adulthood. Furthermore, if you have your child attuned to Reiki they can carry the benefits within them wherever they go. This allows children to use Reiki for themselves whenever they feel they might need extra emotional support, which is particularly useful during the school day or at sleepovers.

These Methods are Just the Beginning

There are many, many ways that you can implement the power of Reiki to increase the quality of life for your child. The techniques mentioned in this post are just a few of the simple ways that Reiki can be used. You know your child better than anyone, so don’t be afraid to let your intuition guide you! Reiki is a flexible practice that can easily be adapted to meet the needs of your child. It always flows to wherever it is needed the most and in whatever quantity it is needed…..So don’t be afraid to experiment with various techniques to find what works best for your child.

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