Using Tea Tree Oil for a Toothache

Using Tea Tree Oil for Toothaches

Tea Tree Oil for Toothache

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Tea tree oil is widely used for its many healing properties. Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree, which is native to Australia and is known to kill germs, fight infection, and treat a number of other disorders. But many don’t realize that you can use this essential oil to address a toothache as well as other oral health issues.

The native people of eastern Australia have known of tea tree’s powers for centuries. When Western explorers came to that area, they were introduced to the leaves of the Melaleuca in the form of tea, which is where its current name derives. Today, tea tree oil and other derivatives of this plant have been widely studied, and researchers have confirmed this plant’s antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.

Tea Tree Oil and Oral Health

This essential oil has been used for centuries to kill germs and treat an infection. Placed on the skin, it can heal minor wounds. As a natural anti-inflammatory, tea tree essential oil can also help reduce swelling and inflammation. You will find tea tree added to many health and beauty products, including skin care products and cleansers, toothpaste, acne creams, and even mouthwash.

Bacteria causes most of the diseases and disorders of the mouth. Microbes are responsible for gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, and other problems that can cause toothaches. Tea tree’s natural anti-microbial properties make it a perfect complement to your oral care routine as well as a useful treatment for toothaches and gum problems.

This natural herbal oil can be used to treat the sharp, throbbing, and constant pain of a common toothache as well as swelling around an infected tooth. Tea tree oil also helps with a headache, bad-tasting residue, and difficulty drinking or swallowing that are also commonly associated with a toothache.

If you don’t have natural oral care products that already contain tea tree oil, you can use your own essential oil to create a toothache remedy at home. Essential oils have also been used to effectively help people that struggle with a dry mouth.

Using Tea Tree Oil for a Toothache

You can treat a toothache and kill the bacteria that may be causing your pain using tea tree oil. A word of caution, though. Tea tree oil is not meant to be swallowed and, in fact, can cause serious side effects if you ingest it. While it is safe for use on the tissues and teeth in your mouth, you should never swallow this natural treatment, as you could experience a rash, confusion, stomach upset, and dizziness.

So, how should you use tea tree oil for your tooth? Here are a few effective and useful options.

1. Rub one or two drops of tea tree oil directly onto the gums surrounding your bothersome tooth. Repeat this twice per day until your pain is relieved.

2. Add a drop of tea tree oil to your toothbrush, apply your regular toothpaste, then brush your teeth as you normally would, focusing especially on the tooth that hurts.

3. Add two drops of tea tree oil to a small cup, fill the container with water, then swish this mixture around in your mouth for several minutes. After you have spit this mixture out, rinse your mouth thoroughly with fresh water for one minute, as well.

4. Combine aloe vera juice with two drops of tea tree essential oil. Place this into a spray bottle, then spritz the mixture onto the affected tooth several times per day.

As with all tooth pain, if your discomfort persists or does not respond to natural treatment, you should see a dentist or other healthcare professional. You may have a more serious issue that should be addressed.


Other uses for tea tree oil:

As a natural mosquito repellent.

To naturally get rid of lice with a tea tree oil shampoo.

To help naturally fight the symptoms of hives.

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