Kaolin Clay for Hair: Naturally Improve Hair Health

Kaolin Clay for Hair: Naturally Improve the Health of Your Hair

Kaolin Clay for hair

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We all know that hair health is important in this day and age. While it is not ideal, many people judge others by the first impression they make, and that first impression often times includes the appearance of one’s hair! With society placing value on a neat and pulled-together hair style, many companies are capitalizing on this natural desire by providing the market with countless products. These products promise to bring life to your dead, dry, split-ended hair and to keep it looking healthy and strong. While these products may be able to do some of those things, a lot of them use harsh and artificial ingredients to achieve those ends. These ingredients can impact the health of both your body, your mind, and your hair, and often times not for the better. But luckily for us, there are natural alternatives to these products, with one such product being kaolin clay.

What is Kaolin Clay?

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With roots in China, kaolin clay is known throughout the world for its soft consistency and white color and has been mined for centuries for use in various products. This clay has been used in the production of chinaware, porcelain, paper, and rubber, among numerous other items. It is claimed by some resources to be one of the most important minerals used in the creation of ancient pottery.

Kaolin Composition and Commercial Use

This clay is a conglomeration of minerals with the main one being kaolinite; other minerals included are muscovite, quartz, feldspar, and anatase. It is found in nature as a white powder that is sometimes tinged yellow due to the presence of pigments formed by iron hydroxide. This yellow tinge can be removed through processing before the clay is ready for commercial use. In addition to China, mining operations also find deposits of kaolin clay in France, England, Germany, and the United States. Some of the most impressive mines of kaolin clay are actually in the Southeastern United States, interestingly enough. And furthermore, kaolin can be produced in a laboratory; this form is used for production of medications and for disease diagnostic measures. A large percentage of kaolin clay that is mined is used in the production of paper.

Medicinal Uses of Kaolin

Medicinal uses of kaolin include helping with diarrhea and cholera, cessation of bleeding from wounds, and softening skin. Patients undergoing cancer treatments implicating the mouth can also find relief from the resultant sores by using kaolin, and those suffering ulcerative colitis (inflammation of the intestines) can find relief for their bowels with this mineral.

Kaolin Clay for Hair

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You have likely seen the use of clay in various cosmetic products. Just think about clay masks. These can help clean and detoxify the skin while leaving the skin feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and vibrant. When used on hair, clay has similar effects. And in addition to leaving your hair feeling more fresh and effectively clean, clay can also bring shine and volume to your locks.

Kaolin clay in particular is effective for use in caring for hair as it has a low pH and is thought to be one of the most gentle clays found in nature with regard to its cleansing capabilities. This is likely due to the fine, powdery character of the clay when it is found in nature. It is able to remove dirt and impurities from hair without damaging the hair or sapping the oils found naturally in hair, accordingly. Because it allows your hair’s natural oils to remain intact, kaolin clay does not leave your hair feeling dried out, as may be the case with other clays used on hair. It has also been reported to be able to bring relief to a dry and itchy scalp and to promote hair growth. The nutrients and minerals found in kaolin clay can also impart benefits to your lovely locks.

In Conclusion

Kaolin clay may be the answer you have been searching for to help keep your hair clean, moisturized, and fresh in appearance. You can purchase kaolin clay on its own and choose to make your own, homemade products to use on your hair. There also exist a number of products using kaolin clay as a main ingredient, such as shampoo or hair masks, that you can purchase. Being one of the more gentle clays available today, it can be an effective means to get your hair away from feeling dry and brittle and move it towards being vibrantly healthy and strong without imparting further damage. Part of the reason why kaolin clay is so effective for hair health is the fact that it is filled with beneficial minerals and that it is found naturally as a fine powder. Consider using this natural product to improve and maintain good hair health.