Protein Filler For Hair- Long Lasting Color & Body

Protein Filler for Hair: Fortify Your Hair & Retain Moisture

protein filler for hair

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You have likely faced hair damage in some form or another if you are not currently. Whether it is dealing with sun-damaged hair, split ends, or the dreaded hair-dyed frizz, damaged hair affects all of us at some time or another. If you are facing and of these maladies, using a protein filler treatment for your hair may be the answer you have been searching for. A fairly easy process, this method of hair treatment results in a natural-looking shine and luster with added volume and body.

Hair Structure

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To understand the use of protein filler for hair, it is important to understand the basic structure of hair. Our hair is composed of many different proteins including keratin, a protein that is present all throughout our bodies, especially in our skin and finger and toenails. Regarding hair, each strand is composed of three main components: The medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle.

The medulla is the soft, innermost layer of the hair strand and is surrounded by the cortex which consists of structural elements such as keratin and lipids and includes the colored pigments of your hair. The outer layer is the cuticle which serves to protect the cortex and medulla from damage and from drying out.

Hair Porosity

The next component to understanding the use of protein filler for hair is understanding hair porosity. Hair porosity largely depends on the consistency of the cuticle layer of the hair strand. The cuticle consists of different cells that are layered together, kind of like the shingles of a roof. If they are more closely packed together, less moisture and oil is able to get into the hair. If they are spaced further apart, it is possible that your hair will have a difficult time keeping that moisture and oil locked in due to evaporation.

In a perfect world, the cuticle would let in and out just the right amount of oil and moisture to leave our hair looking shiny and luxurious all the time. But the stark reality for many of us is that our hair cuticles don’t do what we want them to do.

Genetics play a role in the presence of dry and unhealthy hair, but there are other modifiable factors we can address. Exposing our hair to chemicals from soaps or dyes, high heat from dryers or curling irons/straighteners, over-washing, and even UV rays from the sun can damage hair by causing the cuticles to be spaced further apart. This makes it more difficult for your hair to maintain the moisture it needs. This can be seen in the dry and somewhat frizzy nature hair can take on if it has been dyed multiple times without the proper care given to it, for example.

The more damage your hair sustains over time, the more difficult it becomes for your hair to retain moisture, and the drier it will feel and appear as a result.

Hair Damage Solutions

With that background information, it is time to get down to work. If you have been suffering from damaged and dry hair for some time now, it is likely that you have tried many different products to help. The markets today are saturated with products with claims to be able to help tame the frizz, split ends, and dryness that has been plaguing your locks. From serums, to oils, to hair masks, to moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners, the options can be overwhelming. To help make things a bit simpler, a hairstylist in London came up with the concept of protein hair filler to treat these hair maladies.

What Is Protein Hair Filler

what are protein fillers for hair

Protein filler treatments for hair work to repair damage that may have happened to the cuticle. The result is refreshed, shiny, and plumped-up hair with improved body and flow. How do these treatments work? Typically, the filler is applied to damp hair in the form of a mask and allowed to be warmed for about a half hour or so. If you are doing this at a salon, the salon often times composes a mask that is best suited for your particular hair type.

The mask consists of keratin, other proteins found naturally in hair, and various minerals. It is believed that this treatment process works by fortifying and filling in the spaces that may be present in the outer layer, or the cuticle, of the hair. This thereby serves as a fortification process for the cuticle, helping to improve its ability to retain moisture. A protein filler treatment also allows nutritive ingredients to get into the hair to strengthen it even further.

Additional Benefits of Protein Filler for Hair

In addition to helping to strengthen, re-nourish, and moisturize damaged hair, protein filler treatments can also serve as a protective measure against future damages that may be inflicted upon the hair. These treatments can also help preserve or lengthen the durability of hair coloring treatments, working to seal color in to the hair strand more effectively and to evenly distribute artificial pigments.

Final Thoughts

If you have been trying various products to get the shine and body back into your hair that you used to have, protein filler treatments may be the answer to your problems. They provide deep conditioning for your hair that can replenish the moisture it has been losing due to damage. They can also work to prevent future damage by fortifying the cuticles of your hair.