Using Camphor for Dark Spots

Using Camphor for Dark Spots

Using Camphor for Dark Spots

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Also known as age spots, dark spots on your skin can be frustrating to manage. These discolored areas are the result of aging, sun damage, scars, or other trauma to your skin. Whether they are on your face, arms, hands, or other areas of your body, getting rid of dark spots can help you feel better about your appearance, allowing you to show off your skin more freely.

Your skin gets its coloring from melanin, and when your body produces too much of this compound, dark spots can appear. Age spots and other forms of discoloration vary in size and color, and while they can sometimes be easy to cover up with makeup, why not just get rid of them permanently using a natural skin lightening treatment?

We’ll share with you a natural, safe skin lightener made from camphor and coconut oil, two ingredients that are good for your skin and can also help fade discolorations. Read on to learn the secret for getting rid of those pesky dark spots and having an evener skin tone.

What Is Camphor?

Camphor is a naturally occurring substance that is found in various trees and woody shrubs around the world. It is common among different types of laurels as well as in herbs such as rosemary and mint. Camphor is widely known for its strong aroma, which can seem medicinal and is similar to menthol or eucalyptus.

Camphor’s applications are varied and include everything from cooking, as a fragrance, in religious ceremonies, and even as embalming fluid in parts of the world. Because of its strong aroma and astringent-like effects on skin, camphor should be used with caution until you know who well your skin will tolerate it.

Using Camphor to Treat Dark Spots

You can make a blend of camphor and coconut oil to massage into skin, lightening dark spots and reducing the appearance of acne scars. Coconut oil naturally hydrates and heals skin, and the combination of this healthy oil and camphor can reduce the pigment in discolored skin over time.

To use, start by crushing two teaspoons of camphor crystals (Get Them Here) in a bowl. Combine these with one cup of coconut oil, stirring well until everything is thoroughly incorporated. After washing and drying your face as usual, massage several drops of this mixture into dark spots and discolored areas. Repeat this twice per day for several weeks. You can apply moisturizer or lotion over the treatment once it has fully absorbed into the skin.

You can also create an excellent, healing facial mask using camphor to reduce acne scars and other skin imperfections. Combine two tablespoons of fuller’s earth with several drops of rose water, one-half teaspoon of powdered cloves, and a pinch of crushed camphor crystals. Make a thick paste, adding as much rose water as needed to achieve the right consistency. Place the mask on areas where you want to fade acne scars or lighten skin. You can use this method daily to fade these marks over time.

Precautions When Using Camphor

The compounds in camphor can irritate eyes, nasal passages, and sensitive skin. Before using widely on your face or other areas of skin, test a small patch on your arm or leg to be sure you do not react to the camphor. Never use camphor around your eyes or near your nostrils, as this can aggravate mucous membranes and tear ducts.

If you feel a burning sensation after applying camphor, you can increase the amount of oil or other ingredients in your blend to dilute its effects. If you find it is still uncomfortable, discontinue use on your face.

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