Almond Oil for Eyelashes

Is Almond Oil Good For Eyelashes?

almond oil for eyelashes

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Long, dark eyelashes are a goal for many women around the world, and there is certainly no shortage of products designed to help deliver this aim. If you are among those who yearn for long, luxurious eyelashes but are tired of paying the premium price for mascaras and other beauty care products that just do not work, then perhaps a more natural solution should be your next purchase.

If you want to have long, beautiful lashes, then you need to encourage lash growth that protects the hairs you have and nourishes new ones. Sweet almond oil is a natural, inexpensive, and safe to use near your eyes, and it promotes strong, healthy hair growth that can give you the eyelashes you have been dreaming of.

Understanding Your Eyelashes

Taking care of your existing eyelashes is extremely important, as each new eyelash you lose causes several weeks to grow back. Each of the hairs on your eyelids lives for about six months, and as long as you are gentle with them and take good care of your skin in this area, they will stay in place. Using harsh cleansers, excessively rubbing your eyes, and using makeup that dries out the follicles can all shorten the lifespan of your eyelashes.

Like the hair on your head, your eyelashes need certain nutrients to grow. Being hydrated encourages hair growth, so drinking plenty of water is one easy solution for encouraging eyelash growth. Proper nutrition is also necessary. Your eyelashes need minerals and vitamins, just like your hair, skin, muscles, and other cells.

Moisturizing your eyelashes and the skin around them will also encourage growth and strength. Using a lash moisturizer is one way to do this, but rather than opt for a commercial product that may be loaded with tons of chemicals and ingredients you do not need, reach instead for a simple, economical solution- sweet almond oil.

Sweet Almond Oil for Eyelashes

Sweet almond oil is a type of oil that is extracted from the nuts of the sweet almond tree. It is the most common type of almond oil available today, and it is an excellent source of concentrated nutrients that your hair needs. Among the most important of these nutrients for eyelash growth are Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and essential fatty acids.

Almond oil is an excellent moisturizer for your eyelashes because it quickly absorbs into the skin and hair follicles without feeling greasy or heavy. This oil gives your eyelashes a natural shine and luster, which makes them appear longer and darker, as well. Almond oil smooths hairs and prevents fraying and damage to the ends, which also keeps each hair stronger for more extended periods.

Almond oil’s nutrients encourage new hair growth while also helping the hairs you have to remain healthy. If you use this oil regularly, you will notice a difference in the thickness and length of your eyelashes in about four to six weeks.

How to Use Almond Oil on Your Eyelashes

This product is simple to use on your eyelashes. Below, we have listed some basic instructions for everyday use as well as a few variations.

Step 1. Wash your face each night as you usually do, being sure to remove all your eye makeup carefully and gently.

Step 2. Dip an eyelash brush* or a cotton swab into sweet almond oil, then carefully apply it to your eyelashes to comb it thoroughly through all the hairs. BE sure to avoid getting the oil in your eyes. If using a cotton swab, gently drag it across your lashes, allowing the oil to seep into the hairs.

*Note- You can either purchase an eyelash brush specifically for this purpose or you can use an old mascara brush. Just be sure that you have thoroughly washed and sterilized the mascara brush before using it for this application.

Step 3. Go to sleep, allowing the oil to moisturize your eyelashes while you rest. There is no need to wash it out in the morning, and you can apply your makeup directly over the oil.

Step 4. Repeat this process every night for at least one month, at which time you should start to notice a difference. Continue applying the oil, in the same manner, to keep your eyelashes strong and healthy as well as to encourage continued growth.

Variation 1: You can also apply sweet almond oil to your lashes in the morning, especially if you do not wear mascara and want to add shine to your lashes. Remember that the oil may cause dirt and debris to stick to your lashes, though, so use only if this does not pose a problem for you.

Variation 2: If you use mascara, you can blend a little almond oil with your mascara to moisturize your lashes during the day. Dip your brush in mascara, then dip your brush into a small amount of oil. Because this oil becomes contaminated after you dip your brush into it, you cannot re-use it another day, so you may want to use an eyedropper to place a few drops directly onto the mascara wand before using it on your eye.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of the hairs that make up your eyelashes is just as important as taking care of the hair on your head. Hair requires hydration, nutrients, and moisture to stay strong and healthy, so if you want long, beautiful eyelashes, you should focus on providing all three of these to your body. Almond oil is an excellent way to add moisture to your eyelashes without irritating the sensitive skin around your eyes. Its vitamins and nutrients are perfect for strengthening and lengthening eyelash hairs, and this safe and natural solution is an easy addition to your nighttime routine.

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almond oil for eyelashes