How to Use Castor Oil for Eczema

Eczema and Castor Oil, a Natural Remedy

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There it is again. That area of dry, itchy skin that always seems to appear at the worst possible time. What is it? Why does it pop up every now and again? This skin irritation is usually characterized as eczema and appears for various reasons. While it’s more common in infants and children, adults may experience the symptoms too.

Eczema Triggers

There are several triggers to eczema: medication, alcohol, weather, etc. Finding your own trigger may take some time. In the meantime, there are many ways in which you can treat this skin condition. You can always consult your doctor or buy over-the-counter medicines to treat it; however, did you know that there is a natural remedy to rid yourself of dry, itchy skin?

Castor oil is your answer. This oil is a natural oil derived from castor beans and is used for a variety of purposes. From cooking to skin care, castor oil is the ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to oil. Many people are ditching the store lotions filled when chemicals and turning to natural alternatives. Castor oil is one of those alternatives. It’s rich in fatty acids and aides as a natural moisturizer for your skin.

How to use Castor Oil for Eczema Relief

There are many ways that you can treat eczema with castor oil. One way is by combining it with essential oils. Essential oils are a great additive for a variety of reasons. Each oil has its own unique benefits for many ailments you may experience. As far as eczema goes, sweet orange essential oil is the best to add to castor oil. Castor oil will hydrate the skin while the sweet orange oil helps with collagen production.

Another way to use castor oil in aiding eczema relief is to use it after a shower. Once you’ve washed your skin, pat it dry and then rub on castor oil. This oil will act as a moisturizer for your skin. You do not have to apply the oil to your entire body. You can simply apply this to the affected area for relief. Make sure you do this while your body is still hydrated from your shower. You can always apply a cloth over the spot after rubbing in the oil to prevent stains on clothes.

A third way to utilize this natural remedy is to create castor oil packs. This simple, yet effective tool will help you relieve that dry and itchy skin. A castor oil pack is easy to make. Simply grab a piece of cloth and soak it in the oil. Once soaked, apply the cloth to the affected area. Place a heating source on top of the cloth to allow the castor oil to react with the skin. Complete this process for about thirty minutes to ensure you are fully benefiting from it.


So when that eczema flare up happens, what should you turn to? Well, it is safe to say that you may want to open up that oil cabinet and grab the castor oil. And if you are unsure if this alternative is right for you and your skin type, feel free to consult a doctor on the matter.

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